Curriculum Vitae

Ragnhild Karin Thoring

Born: 21.04.58


Contact Information:

Stokkaveien 67 c
4024 Stavanger

Telephone: +47 992 54 648


Professional Employment:

1994-  Theater/Creative Dramatics instructor, Lundehaugen secondary school for the performing arts.
1993-98 Adjunct, Rogaland College, Dept. of Theater Arts.
1993-94 Administrating Director, Children’s Arts Workshop, Stavanger Culture House.
1990-93 Theatrical Consultant, Sogn og Fjordane Teater.


2008-2011: Alexander Technique at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London, UK.
1999 Hovedfag (M. Phil). Theater Arts, University of Oslo, Norway.
1998 Dramaturgy Courses. University of Århus, Denmark.
1993 Teaching Certification. University of Oslo, Norway
1988 – 90 Film and TV Acting and Directing. New York University, under the tutelage of Marketa Kimbrell, Julie Garfield and Uta Hagen.
1988-90 Audited courses at the Actor’s Studio in NY City
1987 Cand. Mag. Theater Arts, University of Oslo
1986 and 1987 Method Acting Course, Norwegian Film Institute, Oslo
1984 – 86 Mime courses. Taught by Desmond Jones, Adam Darius and the Animate Mime School of London.

2012 Productions:

  • Direction: Hair – the musical. Musical theatre with pupils from Vågen Secondary School, Sandnes, Norway.
  • Direction: Den magiske trollskogen (the Magic Troll Forest). In cooperation with Ane Hilde Stadsnes. Music by Oltedal brass band.
  • Direction: Venterommet ( the Waiting Room). Performance theatre at Ropeid, Norway.
  • Direction: Dikttango (Poem Tango). In cooperation with Per Arne Glorvigen. At Galeiscenen, Stavern, Norway.
  • Direction: Kulturruss-arrangement (Culture Graduates event) Produced by Rogaland Fylkeskommune (Rogaland County Council).

2011 Productions:

  • Manuscript/Directions: Markens Grøde & Glædens Muntre Sang (The Field´s Cheerful Song) . At Tou Scene, 14-17 September, Stavanger, Norway.
  • Concept/Manuscript/Direction: Radiodager – musikkteater (Radio Days). Tour in Stavanger and Bærum, Norway.
  • Direction: Kulturruss – arrangement (Culture Graduates event) Produced by Rogaland Fylkeskommune (Rogaland County Council).

2010 Productions:

  • Concept/ Manuscript/ Direction: Radiodager – musikkdager ( Radio Days). Tour in Norway 2011.
  • Direction: Kulturruss – arrangement (Culture Graduates event). Produced by Rogaland Fylkeskommune (Rogaland County Council).

2009 Productions:

  • Concept/Direction: Event at the opening of Haaland AS factory at Vigrestrand, Norway.
  • Direction: Chess concert. At Klepp Countryhouse with Klepp Wood Winds Orchestra and vocalists.
  • Direction: Kulturruss – arrangement (Culture Graduates event) Produced by Rogaland Fylkeskommune (Rogaland County Council).

2008 Productions:

  • Concept Development/Direction: European City of Culture’s Opening Ceremony in Sandnes, January 11th; Opening Parade in Stavanger, January 12th.
  • Manuscript/Direction: Edvard’s Nightmare. Edvard Grieg for Children. In cooperation with Viva Choir, Sandnes Culture School and Stavanger 2008.
  • Direction: Kulturruss (a theatrical event). Produced by Rogaland Municipality and Stavanger 2008.
  • Manuscript Development/Direction: Opera- Sirkus 2008. Produced by Klepp Municipality.
  • Manuscript/Direction: Monsteropera and Take off-opera. Produced by Sola Culture House.
  • Concept/Manuscript/Direction/Production: Rosa Lyseblå (Pink Light Blue), musical theater for children aged 0-6. Supported by Den kulturelle skolesekken/Rikskonsertene (national arts education initiatives). First produced in 2007.

2007 Productions:

  • Concept/Manuscript/Direction: Et glas i haanden klær mig - en Kiellandsk festaften (A Glass in The Hand Suits Me—a festive evening, Kielland-style). In cooperation with the Gladmat festival, Stavanger 2008, Rogaland Theater and Stavanger Cathedral School.
  • Direction/Scenography: Chess, the musical. St. Svithun secondary school.
  • Manuscript Development/Direction: Den digitale agurken (The Digital Cucumber). Based on a work by Atle Skorstad, choreographed by Mari Flønes, music and vocals by Liv Runesdatter. Produced in cooperation with Teaterhuset Avant Garden and supported by Trondheim Municipality, FFUK, Tou Scene and Stavanger Municipality.

2006 Productions:

  • Concept/Manuscript/Direction/Production: Hupshj! – A Musical Fish Farce, musical theater for children. Produced in cooperation with Gladmat festival. First produced in 2005.
  • Direction: W. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Karmøy Culture School.
  • Manuscript/Direction: Heilt rå i platå, a musical performance. Gjesdal Choir. Sandnes Culture House.

2005 Productions:

  • Direction/Scenography: Jesus Christ Superstar, the musical. St. Svithun secondary school.
  • Manuscript/Direction/Production: Take off with us. In cooperation with Dråpen Choir. Stavanger Boat Terminal.

2004 Productions:

  • Direction: Grease, Lundehaugen secondary school at the Sandnes Culture House.
  • Manuscript/Direction: Hipp Hipp Hurra! – an artistic meal with the artists of Skagen and P.S. Krøyer, featuring actors from Rogaland Theater and amateur performers. First produced in 2001 for the Gladmat festival.

2003 Productions:

  • Concept/Manuscript/Direction: ET! - eit musikalsk spel om mattradisjonar i Rogaland (EAT! –a musical performance about Rogaland’s culinary traditions). Featuring Rønnaug Foss Alsvik. Produced in cooperation with the Gladmat festival.
  • Direction: Ungen (The Child) by Oscar Braathen. Melleheim U.L. /Det Norske Teater (The National Theater).
  • Direction/Scenography: Fiddler on the Roof, the musical. In cooperation with Gjesdal Choir. First produced in 2002.
  • Direction/Scenography: Hair, the musical by A.L. Webber/T. Rice. St. Svithun secondary school.
  • Direction: Fuglenes Karneval (Carnival of the Birds). In cooperation with Viva Choir, Sandnes Music School and Sandnes Culture House.
  • Direction: Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Sandnes secondary school.

2002 Productions:

  • Direction: Guys and Dolls, the musical by F. Loesser/D. Runyon. Lundehaugen secondary school and Sandnes Culture House.


2001 Productions:

  • Concept Development/Direction: “Kvinner Viser Vei” ( “Women Lead the Way”), text by Hulda Garborg. Rogaland Fylkeskommune.
  • Direction: Haugtussa-programme, a theatrical event based on the works of Garborg. Featuring students from Lundehaugen performing arts school. Produced for the political conference in Stavanger “Kvinner viser vei”.
  • Concept/Direction: “No er eg heime att?” (“Now I am Home Again?”), a performance by Ren Powell. In cooperation with the literature festival Kapittel 01.
  • Direction/Scenography: “Kattebilder” (“Cat Pictures”) and “Snehvit og de sju dverger” (“Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”). Sandnes Music School’s Children and Youth Choirs. Sandnes Culture House.
  • Direction: Animal farm by G.Orwell. Sandnes secondary school.

2000 Productions:

  • Direction/Scenography: Fortid, nåtid, framtid (Past, Present, Future) by A. Kildal/A. Mjaaland. Musical performance featuring 350 children from Austrått elementary school. Sandnes Culture House.
  • Concept/Direction/Scenography: Ca. Musikal. Featuring 300 secondary students from Lundehaugen performance arts school.
  • Direction/Scenography: “Kor i tusen” (“A Choir of Thousands”). Featuring Gjesdal Choir.
  • Direction/Acting: “Walk about - Talk about”, a performance piece. In cooperation with Rogaland Arts Center.

1999 Productions:

  • Manuscript/Direction: Tangotanko. In cooperation with Argentinean Dancers and Tango for Three with Per Arne Glorvigen. Scene West, Oslo. Toured Norway in 2000 and 2001. The performance was televised on NRK in 2003.

1998 Productions:

  • Concept/Manuscript/Direction/Scenography: Musikal By`n (The Town, a musical). Featuring 300 secondary students from Lundehaugen performing arts school. Sandnes Culture House.
  • Direction: Jeppe på berget by L. Holberg. In cooperation with Il Teatro Midjordo for The Big Norwegian Humor Festival, Stavanger.

1997 Productions:

  • Direction: Jubelhornet (Jubilation Corner) by Jacob Sande/Rolf Losnegaard/Kåre Sandvik. Outdoor theater, Fjaler in Sogn og Fjordane.

1996 Productions:

  • Direction/Scenography: Duke, Grieg and Peer Gynt. Featuring Wenche Foss and Thoralv Maurstad, Sandane in Sogn og Fjordane.

1995 Productions:

  • Direction: Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by (The People and Robbers of Cardamom Town) by Torbjørn Egner. Drammen Nye Teater.


Freelance Acting:

1988 – 92 Various short films, New York and Norway.
1988 – 90 “The New York Street Theatre Caravan”, New York

Awards and Grants:

2008 ESU; The Globe – William Shakespeare-seminar, London
2004 The Fund for Danish/Norwegian Collaborative Works, Schæffergården, Copenhagen
2003 FOU. Funding to participate in a directing course taught by Marketa Kimbrell, NYU
2002 Sasakawa; Japan. Funding to study of Butho and Japanese Theater
1998 Lundehaugen School for the Performing Arts; Laban Center, London. Summer Course.
1998 Erasmus; Institute for Dramaturgy, University of Århus
1996 Kjell Arholms Memorial Grant; Philippe Gaulier Theater School, London
1991 Sogn og Fjordane Fylkeskommune. Funding to participate in a directing course taught by Marketa Kimbrell, NYU


THEREMIN. Ætermusik og verdenshistorie. Elektronisk performance (Theremin. Ether Music and World History, An Electronic Performance Piece). Cantando Musikkforlag AS, Stavanger 2008